Success at Vivaness!

We had a great time exhibiting at Vivaness 2018 along with some fantastic companies championing Natural and Organic cosmetics and personal care. Not only is it fantastic to see the development that green living has taken over the course of the last few years; it was a brilliant chance to catch up on the latest details of the market.

Soil Association has published a review of the Certified Organic & Natural Cosmetics sector for 2017, showing a massive 24% growth – making 2017 the seventh year of consecutive growth. I caught up with the team at the show to find out why.

Why do you think the Organic and Natural sector is growing at such a rate?

Transparency is becoming more and more prominent, consumer awareness of what is in products has boomed – particularly thanks to social media

How has this affected yourselves?

Cosmos standards have shown an increased awareness for certification, with over 10,000 products and ingredients now certified to Cosmos standards.

What does this Certification provide?

The certified symbol provides a guarantee of what is in the product, as well as the chemical processes used. The certification serves to address issues of sustainability by ensuring that products are biodegradable, do not use GM/ toxic ingredients.

It also prevents the common issue of “green washing”, as an independent body Soil Association are motivated by providing honest, unbiased, organic and natural certification.

Where do you see the trend heading in 2018?

This awareness is increasing in younger generations, particularly in Gen Z and Millennials, and looks set to increase with the help of social media.


It’s an exciting time to be involved in the Organic and Natural personal care movement, we at Bentley Organic are very much looking forward to seeing what 2018 will bring!

To read more about the report visit Soil Associations website, or check out the link below





Bentley Organic’s Organic Cleaning Range

We’re excited to share with you The Love Place’s review of our Certified Organic Cleaning Range.

Our Home Care range offers a variety of products that cover all of your household cleaning needs, and they’re all certified organic! Formulated with essential oils that pack a punch our products are as effective as conventional cleaners, but with the added benefit of knowing that these products are as good for the Earth as they are for you and your family. We’re very proud of how well the range performs, as well as how it continues to contribute to our ethos “Of the Earth, not costing the Earth”.

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The Ethics of Shampoo Brands

These extracts have been taken from the Ethical Consumer website. The original article can be seen here:

Toxic chemicals ratings of shampoo brands

The often complex and long ingredients lists of bodycare products contain a number of ingredients of concern. Parabens, phthalates and triclosan have been selected by Ethical Consumer as important indicators for our own toxics rating.

Companies that receive our best mark for their toxics policies avoid all three toxins, ones who score a middle in our scoretable above, have a policy to avoid one or two of the toxins, and companies that score a worst use all three of the toxins or have no policy.

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Why ‘organic’ beauty might not be so saintly

Why organic beauty might not be so saintly: Discover the sinners and true saints among natural beauty products

The word ‘organic’ on a beauty product suggests it is good for both the consumer and the environment
But the truth could be very different, according to the Soil Association, which has launched a campaign against ‘greenwashing’
European certification bodies (BDIH, Cosmebio, Ecocert and ICEA) have now developed a new Cosmetic Organic Standard or COSMOS
Discover the true saints and sinners among natural beauty products here

By Claire Coleman for the Daily Mail – see the original article

When shoppers see the word ‘organic’ on a shampoo bottle or pot of skin cream, they tend to believe they are buying a product that will be as good for their skin as the environment.

But the truth could be very different, according to the Soil Association.

It has launched a campaign against ‘greenwashing’ — where consumers are given the impression their beauty favourites are more organic than they are.

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More About our Hand Sanitisers

hand sanitizer
As one of our best-selling products we thought we’d take some time to tell you all about our Hand Sanitiser range.

The Range

Our sanitisers come in three variations; Aloe Vera, Lemon & Mother and Baby – all serving their own unique purpose:

  • Aloe Vera for a moisturising clean
  • Lemon providing an organic citrus scented clean
  • Mother and Baby offering cleaning suitable for both parent and child: perfect for when on the move!

As with all Bentley Organic products, our hand sanitiser range is certified organic by the Soil Association, and is additionally all approved Vegan by the Vegan society. Read More

Stay Fresh with Our Gentle Feminine Wash

Feminine Care

Stay Fresh with Our Gentle Feminine Wash

Following the recent launch of our Feminine Wash, which was a great success, we’ve been inspired to share with you some more information on one of the newest products in our Body Care range.

Plant based Ingredients

Staying true to our love of all things organic, this mild intimate wash is formulated with 85% organic ingredients. Aloe Vera, Chamomile and Lavender combine to help cleanse, refresh and soothe gentle skin, working to ensure you freshness all day long. Free from: SLS, SLES, Parabens, Alcohol, Artificial colours & Synthetic fragrance this product lacks the common ‘nasties’ you often find in non-organic formulations – ensuring only the best for your intimate area. Read More

Chill Out This Summer – SunSoothe After Sun


Cool it this summer with our award winning SunSoothe After Sun

Here at Bentley Organic™ we’re pleased to announce our most recent award winner… The Beauty Shortlist Awards 2016 winner of the ‘Best Body Lotion’, SunSoothe After Sun Lotion is here to help you keep cool this summer!

The award

Voted UK’s Number 1 Natural Beauty Blog, the Beauty Shortlist Awards are an independent and consumer trusted award board, with no allegiance to any brands or companies. Judging takes the form of an exhaustive process of testing and ranking the products over a 6-month period, ensuring the highest quality of winners. Read More